Fresh Turmeric Rhizomes for Sale – 950g


950gm of Fresh Turmeric Rhizomes for Sale.  Enjoy fresh turmeric while it is in season.

Fresh Turmeric Rhizomes for Sale

950gm of Australian Grown Fresh Turmeric Rhizomes for Sale. The product image is not indicative of 950gm of turmeric.

When the turmeric is in season, we harvest, clean and pack orders once a week only to ensure it’s freshness.  There is no specific day as it depends on orders.  Once we run out of harvested turmeric to fill orders, another lot is harvested.  This is the only way that we can guarantee the freshest produce.  So please be patient with your order as we are doing our best to provide you with the best produce available.

If fresh turmeric is out of season, please consider our dried GRATED turmeric  or dried GROUND turmeric to carry you through until next season.  Our grated and dried turmeric has been dried at a low 35 degrees celcius, so you get the most nutrition and beneficial properties.

If you are purchasing the turmeric rhizomes for planting, please let me know as soon as you purchase as these are prepared and packaged slightly different to the turmeric rhizomes for eating.


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