Colon Cleansing Products

How does our intestinal tract get clogged?

We don’t eat like our ancestors do any more.  Our diets include fast food and processed foods.  These sugars, pasty white flour, etc encrust and impact the intestines and colon. This factor along with a lack of dietary fibre decreased the transit time of bowel wastes. 

What happens when we have filthy encrusted intestines and colons?

The small intestine is designed to absorb nutrients from the food we eat. When the intestines become impacted with sugars, white flour, french fries, etc, how can the body be expected to assimilate any good nutrients?

Parasites love and thrive in filthy, impacted colons and intestines.  I don’t need to tell you the damage that parasites can do to your body. You can pick up parasite eggs from simply shaking hands with someone. Parasites and worms are extremely contagious and are in our water and raw foods.  They rob us of our nutrients and make us sick and weak.

Parasites and plaque coated intestinal tract could be the reason you are not feeling well despite a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Find me a doctor who will diagnose a ‘plaque lined colon’?

The colon was meant to be a sewage system, but our neglect and modern diets have let it become a stagnant cesspool breeding parasites, putrefactive bacteria and diseases.

We are slowly killing ourselves and we need to fix things NOW!

How does Herbal Fiberblend work?

When the intestinal tract is clean and normal, we are happy and well.

We need to clean up our septic encrusted intestines and colons to prevent the reabsorption of toxins into our bloodstreams. Remove the filthy breeding grounds for parasites and prevent intestinal, colon and bowel related diseases.  We need to clean and remove the impacted faecal matter from our colons to live a healthy life.

colon cleansing herbal fiberblend

It takes years for our intestines to become plaque encrusted and filthy.  There is no quick fix pill from a doctor that will fix it.  It takes time and effort to rid our bodies of this residue.  Colon cleansing products are needed. HFB softens and helps to eliminate this build-up.

HFB IS your answer.

We are all exposed to processed foods, so we all need to clean our intestinal tract every now and then.

 It’s time for a spring clean.

Taking HFB twice a day is considered a cleanse.  Taking it once a day is a maintenance dose.

It is called Herbal Fiberblend because it is made purely of herbs.  Please read this HFB data sheet for a list of ingredients and how they work.

Colon Cleansing Products cannot be sold or advertised as cures and treatments for any disease. So, I am personally going to tell you how good I think this product is.

This colon cleansing product is my favourite product in the world as I have seen some amazing results where diseases that are said to be incurable have been fixed. Click here to read my testimonial of how it helped my husband with his Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease and IBS.