Bottled Kombucha Tea – Box of 15 x 750ml bottles


A box of 15 x 750ml Bottles of Home Made Kombucha Tea

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Out of stock

Bottled Kombucha Tea

Our Bottled Kombucha Tea is a raw and unpasteurized dairy free probiotic drink.

I sell it by the box of 15 x 750ml bottles of ready made bottled kombucha tea.

As it is raw and unpasteurized, the kombucha tea will continue to ferment in the bottles.  This is why it is recommended to put the bottles into your refrigerator when you receive them.  This will not stop the fermentation process, but it will slow it down.  Because of this, I bottle the Kombucha Tea while it is still on the sweeter side.

If you prefer your tea really sweet or really sour, please let me know as it is bottled fresh upon receipt of your order.



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