Fresh Dried Grated Turmeric – 100g


Fresh raw Australian turmeric rhizomes that have been cleaned, grated and dried at 35 degrees celcius, preserving the nutritional and medicinal properties.  Have healthy turmeric all year even when it is not in season.

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Fresh Dried Grated Turmeric

Our fresh dried grated turmeric has been picked fresh, grated and dehydrated at only 35 degrees celcius to preserve the valuable nutritional content of the turmeric.

It takes about 1kg of fresh turmeric to make 100grams of Dried Grated Turmeric

Use the dried grated turmeric as a healthy tea, sprinkle on your food or add it to your cooking.  I personally sprinkle the grated turmeric into salads of all types, scrambled eggs, casseroles, bone broth etc. I also make a hot turmeric almond milk drink which I have every morning.  The recipe is below.

I clean the turmeric by hand. As it is not commercially cleaned I have done my best to clean it thoroughly but it may possibly contain small amounts of dirt or grit.

If you need it in a powdered form, I also have fresh dried ground turmeric which is the dried grated turmeric further ground into a powder.  As it is not commercially ground, it is not as fine as the store bought turmeric powder.

Turmeric Almond Milk Drink Recipe:

I drink this every morning to reduce inflammation in my back and have noticed that my aching joints have slowly disappeared.  To learn more, please visit my blog page.

Heat up a cup of almond milk – you could use any milk or milk alternative that you like.  Add some grated turmeric.  I haven’t put in amounts as it is a personal choice.  I use about a teaspoon to a tablespoon of freshly grated turmeric when it is in season and the dried grated turmeric when it is out of season.

Hot turmeric almond milk drink
This image shows ground turmeric. I prefer to use grated turmeric and then strain it

Before it comes to the boil turn the heat off and let is steep for a few minutes. I then strain it through a tea strainer and squeeze out the remaining turmeric.  This is not necessary.  I just like to get as much out of the turmeric as I can.  Alternatively you could use the ground turmeric instead but I find the grated better so that I can remove it from the drink.

You can drink it as is or add a few drops of stevia, raw honey or your favourite sweetener for taste.  I also love the luxury of adding a few drops of Orange, Lemon and Frankincense essential oils.  You can get these essential oils from my other website


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