Fresh Turmeric Powder – 100grams


100 grams of fresh turmeric powder dried and ground. It is dried at 35 degrees celcius to contain the highest amount of nutritional benefits for you. Have healthy turmeric all year even when it is not in season.

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Fresh Turmeric Powder

Our fresh turmeric powder is made from fresh Australian grown Non-GMO, pesticide free turmeric rhizomes.

The raw turmeric rhizomes are then cleaned, grated and dehydrated at only 35 degree celcius to preserve the nutrients, vitamins and valuable medicinal properties. (I also sell the grated dried fresh turmeric at this stage).  But for the ground turmeric it is then ground to a powder.

It takes a LOT of fresh turmeric to make just a small amount of turmeric powder.

When you buy imported turmeric powder in the store spice dept you can’t be sure of how it is processed to maintain its health giving properties.  I once researched how it was processed and was shocked at the amount of high temperatures and chemical solvents used in the processing.  It even stated that it was irradiated!  How can there possibly be anything good left in the end product? I won’t comment on the process, I can just say that you should do your own research and make an informed decision.

Turmeric Essential Oil

You can see by the image above that the fresh turmeric powder is sticking to the sides of the container that it is in.  This is an indication that it still retains its essential oils.  When the above container was sealed and left in the cupboard, I found quite a lot of oil on the underside of the lid and yet the ground turmeric powder was not sticking together at all.


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