Kombucha Scoby Starter


Kombucha Scoby Starter Kit includes enough Starter to brew your own 1L Kombucha Tea

Round Kombucha Scoby Starter Culture

The Kombucha Scoby Starter Culture package that I send includes:

1 x Round Scoby (Kombucha Culture)

1 x Mother Liquid (enough to make at least 1 litre of Kombucha Tea)

1 x Instructions with a basic recipe to get you started

You will receive a round kombucha tea starter culture (also known as mushroom or scoby) along with enough mother liquid to make a 1 litre brew of Kombucha Tea and an instruction sheet

Our kombucha starter kits are made in Australia using quality ingredients and methods.

In some locations in Australia at winter time, the temperatures drop which slows down the fermentation process.  As the fermentation process slows down mould can form on the top of the culture.  If this happens it is advisable to discard the entire brew, thoroughly clean the brewing vessel and rinse with distilled vinegar.  Do not try to save your moldy scoby or brew as the mould spores are microscopic. To help prevent this from happening, a Kombucha Heating Panel can be used to keep your brew at a constant temperature that kombucha likes.

Kombucha tea is really simple to brew and once you have your own culture, you have a lifelong supply.  However, If you are not interested in making your own then I do make ready made bottled Kombucha Tea in boxes of 15 x 750ml bottles and ship them Australia wide.


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