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Fresh Turmeric

Fresh Australian grown turmeric

  • Fresh rizhomes available in 950g, 2kg or 4kg bags.  
  • The fresh turmeric is then grated and dried. This is available in 100g bags. 
  • The grated dried turmeric is then ground down into powder. This is available in 100g bags.
Australian grown turmeric harvest

Milk Kefir Grains

Make your own milk kefir using your own milk kefir grains.  You get one tablespoon of milk kefir grains. Kefir grains will grow and multiply over time.

Milk Kefir Grains

Colon Cleanse

Clean your colon with AIM Herbal FiberBlend.

colon cleansing herbal fiberblend

Essential Oils

A range of therapeutic grade essential oils for gut health

turmeric essential oil

Fresh Dried Turmeric

Even though the fresh turmeric rhizomes are out of stock for most of the year, the fresh dried turmeric is usually available all year round.

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fresh australian grown turmeric

Fresh Dried Grated & Powdered Turmeric

During the turmeric harvest season, some of the turmeric is grated and dried.  This way it is available all year round. Dried grated turmeric is very handy and easy to use to sprinkle on any dish.

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The dried grated turmeric is then ground down into a powder.

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Best Sellers

When the fresh turmeric rhizome’s display as ‘Out of Stock’, they are actually ‘Out of Season’.  Please keep an eye on the website to see when it is in season (Usually around June or July).  Our harvest season depends on the length of our Wet Season and the commencement of the Dry Season.

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